Exploring Naval Underwater STEM

A collaborative research project by the
University of Bridgeport (UB),
University of Southern California (USC),
High Schools, Informal Science Centers,
and Navy Partners

Epipelagic Zone

Key Knowledge Areas

The project provides research opportunities for high school (grades 9-12),
undergraduate, and graduate students to plan, develop and implement underwater exploration projects related to submarine and unmanned underwater vehicles in the project’s Key Knowledge Areas (KKA) of Navy relevance
Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles (UUV)
Human-Technology Interface
Underwater Communications
Mesopelagic Zone


The project provides students with iterative learning opportunities to integrate fundamentals in Key Knowledge Areas (KKA) of Navy relevance.
Bthypelagic Zone


Through informal science experiences designed to reinforce learning in KKA, secondary and post-secondary students will be able to participate year-round through classroom activities and capstone projects, workshops, summer academies, and after-school programs.
Abyssopelagic Zone

Our Research Partners

Exploring NUSTEM is funded through a grant from the Department of the Navy (DON) Science, Technology, Engineering and Workforce (STEM) Education and Workforce Program, administered by the Office of Naval Research.
Hadalpelagic Zone

Thank you!

We wish to thank our Navy Partners: Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport Education Outreach Program, Newport, Rhode Island (NAVSEA NUWU) and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, Port Hueneme, California.