Re-create Archimedes’ Principle by using simple method. Students will learn the story and history of how Archimedes came to understand and create the Buoyancy test.

Materials Needed

• 1 glass or beaker
• 1 clementine
• water
• paper towels



1 hour


group classroom activity

Clementine Activity

Click on the arrows to the right to toggle the next set of directions. When finished, click the next step of the directions.

            Ensign Step 1

Read the history and background science information for this activity. Organize your workstation to start step one of the buoyancy test.

            Lieutenant Junior Grade Step 2

Take one Clementine with the skin still attached. Pour water about halfway into your glass or beaker.

            Lieutenant Step 3

Add the Clementine to your beaker filled with water. Record your observations and discuss them with the class.

             Lieutenant Commander Step 4

Make an observation. If you peel the clementine, will the fruit float or sink? Discuss with your class. Peel your clementine.

             Commander Step 5

Once the peel is removed. Add the unpeeled clementine to your beaker filled with water. Was your observation correct? What was the result? Record your findings and discuss them with the class.