Re-create Archimedes’ Principle by using simple method. Students will learn the story and history of how Archimedes came to understand and create the Buoyancy test.

Materials Needed

• 1 spring scale
(minimum 200 g)
• set of density cubes
(6) –  1 cubic inch each
• string
• tape
• water
• 500 ml beaker



1 hour


group classroom activity

Cube Density Activity

Click on the arrows to the right to toggle the next set of directions. When finished, click the next step of the directions.

            Ensign Step 1

Separate into 6 groups, one for each cube. Once in your group, gather your materials.

            Lieutenant Junior Grade Step 2

Tie the string around your cube. Use the tape to secure.

            Lieutenant Step 3

Take the other end of the string and tie it to the Spring Scale. Share and record your cube weight.

             Lieutenant Commander Step 4

Fill your beaker with 400ml of water. Take the cube attached to the spring scale and dip the cube into the water. Do not touch the sides or bottom of the beaker. Share and record the weight.

             Commander Step 5

Compare the weight of the cube outside of the water, and submersed in the water. Record the difference. Share your findings with the class, What were the other group’s results? Is it the same? Is it different? What is the buoyancy?