Re-create Archimedes’ Principle by using simple method. Students will learn the story and history of how Archimedes came to understand and create the Buoyancy test.

Materials Needed

• 1000 ml beaker
• 1 small heavy object (marble)
• water
• string
• scale
• piece of tape



1 hour


group classroom activity

Marble Activity

Click on the arrows to the right to toggle the next set of directions. When finished, click the next step of the directions.

            Ensign Step 1

Read the history and background science information for this activity. Organize your work station to start step one of the buoyancy test.

            Lieutenant Junior Grade Step 2

Fill your beaker half way with water.

            Lieutenant Step 3

Place your beaker on the scale. Measure the weight of the water in the beaker. Record your findings. Now, Tare the scale (or zero the scale).

             Lieutenant Commander Step 4

Take your heavy object and tie a string around it so it can be lowered into the beaker with water without touching the object or immersing your hands in the water. Place a piece of tape to ensure the string does not move.

             Commander Step 5

Take the string with the attached heavy object. Submerse the object, using only the string, into the beaker of water while still on the scale. Notice the change on the scale. What are your findings? Record and discuss with your class. Notice the weight is equal to the force of buoyancy of the marble.