Re-create Archimedes’ Principle by using this simple method. Try this brain-teaser and see who is correct in their hypothesis. What will happen with the ice when it melts? Will the water level stay the same? Increase or Decrease?

Materials Needed

• ice cubes
• water
• 500 ml beaker



2 hours


group classroom activity

Ice Cube Activity

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            Ensign Step 1

Gather your materials and write down your hypothesis. (A.)The ice will melt, replace it’s own volume, and decrease the water level. (B.)The ice will melt and the water line will increase. (C.) The ice will melt and the water line will stay the same.

            Lieutenant Junior Grade Step 2

Fill up your beaker with water.

            Lieutenant Step 3

Add the ice cubes to the water. Make a note of where the water line sits in the beaker.

             Lieutenant Commander Step 4

Now wait for the ice to melt. Was your hypothesis correct? Did the ice increase the water line? Decrease? Or Stay the same? Why do you think that happened? Record your findings and discuss with your classmates.